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Africa Migration


At Mimshac Group, we recognize the burgeoning business opportunities across Africa. Whether you are an entrepreneur, investor, or professional seeking to harness the potential of the African market, our services in Africa Migration and Business Mobility are tailored to assist you in navigating the complexities of immigration and expanding your business footprint across the continent.

Why Africa Migration and Business Mobility?

Africa is experiencing robust economic growth, making it a prime destination for emerging markets and enticing business prospects. Africa Migration and Business Mobility encompass facilitating the movement of entrepreneurs, investors, and skilled professionals across the continent to seize these opportunities. Our comprehensive services cater to various aspects of business mobility and immigration, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition.

Business Visas:

Overview: Business Visas are vital for entrepreneurs and business professionals planning to explore business ventures in African countries.

Our Services:

  • In-depth consultation on visa categories and eligibility.
  • Assistance with visa application form completion.
  • Document verification and preparation.
  • Submission to the appropriate authorities or embassies.
  • Expert guidance on business visa extensions and renewals.

Investor Visas:

Overview: Investor Visas offer pathways for those interested in investing in African businesses or industries, contributing to the continent’s economic growth.

Our Services:

  • Assessment of investment criteria and eligibility.
  • Preparation and submission of investor visa applications.
  • Assistance with business plan development and financial documentation.
  • Ongoing support throughout the investor visa process.
  • Guidance on legal obligations as an investor in Africa.

Work Permits and Residency:

Overview: Securing a work permit or residency is crucial for skilled professionals seeking employment or residence in African countries.

Our Services:

  • Evaluation of work permit and residency options.
  • Preparation and submission of work permit or residency applications.
  • Document review and compliance checks.
  • Assistance with renewals and changes in permit or residency status.
  • Guidance on local regulations and requirements.

Business Expansion Advisory

Overview: We provide comprehensive business expansion advisory services, helping you navigate the regulatory landscape and set up businesses across African regions.

Our Services:

  • Business environment analysis and market research.
  • Legal compliance and business registration support.
  • Tailored strategies for market entry and expansion.
  • Guidance on local partnerships and investment opportunities.
  • Ongoing support for business growth and development.

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Our 3-Step Visa Application Process at Mimshac Group

With Mimshac Group as your partner, obtaining your visa is no longer a daunting odyssey. We empower you with knowledge, expert guidance, and unwavering support, transforming the complexities into a smooth and efficient journey. So, why wait? Contact Mimshac Group today and set sail towards your Australian visa dreams!


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