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Australia Migration

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At Mimshac Group, we specialize in assisting individuals and families in realizing their dreams of relocating to Australia. As a leading immigration consultancy with accreditation from the relevant authorities, we offer expert guidance and support for various Australian immigration programs. Our dedication to professionalism and ethical conduct ensures you receive the best possible assistance in your journey to call Australia home.

Australia Immigration Programs:

General Skilled Migration (GSM):

Overview: The General Skilled Migration program is designed for individuals with specific skills and qualifications to contribute to the Australian workforce through Permanent residency pathways through subclass 189, 190, and 491 visas.

Our Services:

  • Skilled Occupation List (SOL) assessment.
  • EOI (Expression of Interest) submission.
  • Visa application preparation and submission.
  • Skills assessment guidance.

Employer-Sponsored Migration

Overview: The Employer-Sponsored Migration program offers opportunities for skilled workers to obtain a visa with the sponsorship of an Australian employer.

Our Services:

  • Consultation on employer-sponsored visa categories, including subclass 482, 186, and 494.
  • Guidance on employer nomination and visa application processes.
  • Assistance with meeting specific employment and sponsorship criteria.
  • Support with permanent residency pathways through subclass 186 and 187 visas.

Family Sponsorship:

Overview: The Family Sponsorship program allows Australian citizens and permanent residents to reunite with their family members.

Our Services:

  • Visa options for family sponsorship, including parent, spouse, and child visas.
  • Document preparation and submission.
  • Eligibility assessment for sponsors and applicants.
  • Reunion planning and support.

Business and Investor Visas

Overview: The Business and Investor Visa programs offer opportunities for entrepreneurs, investors, and business owners to establish and expand their businesses in Australia.

Our Services:

  • Assistance with business plan development.
  • Investment guidance.
  • Visa application submission.
  • Guidance on complying with business and investment obligations.
  • Permanent residency pathways for business migrants.

Student Visas:

Overview: Australia is known for its world-class education. We help students secure the appropriate student visas to study in Australia.

Our Services:

  • Course and institution selection.
  • Visa application preparation and submission.
  • Assistance with financial documentation.
  • Guidance on post-study work opportunities.
  • Family visa applications for accompanying family members.

Other Services:

  • Visitor Visas: We assist with visitor visa applications for tourism, family visits, or short-term business visits.
  • Work Visas: Our experts provide guidance on various work visa options, including employer-sponsored and skilled work visas.

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Our 3-Step Visa Application Process at Mimshac Group

With Mimshac Group as your partner, obtaining your visa is no longer a daunting odyssey. We empower you with knowledge, expert guidance, and unwavering support, transforming the complexities into a smooth and efficient journey. So, why wait? Contact Mimshac Group today and set sail towards your Australian visa dreams!


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