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Canada Immigration


At Mimshac Group, we are committed to helping you navigate the intricate path to Canadian immigration. Canada, known for its diverse culture, economic opportunities, and high quality of life, is an attractive destination for immigrants from all over the world. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing guidance and support throughout the immigration process, ensuring that your dreams of living in Canada become a reality

Why Immigrate to Canada?

Canada is known for its welcoming and inclusive society. Immigrants from diverse backgrounds find a home in this country, where multiculturalism is celebrated.

  • Economic Opportunities: Canada offers a wide range of job opportunities, a strong job market, and a robust economy, making it an excellent destination for those seeking professional growth and financial stability.
  • High-Quality Education: Canada is renowned for its world-class educational institutions. Immigrant families have access to quality education from primary to postgraduate levels.
  • Universal Healthcare: Canadian residents enjoy the benefits of a comprehensive healthcare system that provides access to medical services when needed.
  • Safety and Security: Canada is consistently ranked as one of the safest countries in the world, ensuring a peaceful and secure environment for you and your family.
  • Beautiful Scenery: From the stunning landscapes of the Rocky Mountains to the pristine coastlines, Canada offers breathtaking natural beauty and outdoor recreational opportunities.

 Express Entry:

Express Entry is a points-based immigration system designed to attract skilled workers to Canada. It manages immigration applications for key economic immigration programs, including the Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program, and Canadian Experience Class.

Our Services:

  • Comprehensive eligibility assessment.
  • Assistance with creating an Express Entry profile.
  • Guidance on improving your Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score.
  • Application preparation and submission.
  • Interview preparation for successful candidates.
  • Assistance with provincial nomination applications (if applicable).

Family Sponsorship

The Family Sponsorship program allows Canadian citizens and permanent residents to sponsor eligible family members for permanent residence in Canada. This includes spouses, common-law partners, parents, grandparents, and dependent children.

Our Services:

  • Consultation to determine eligibility.
  • Document preparation and submission.
  • Assistance with financial sponsorship requirements.
  • Guidance on the sponsorship process from start to finish.
  • Help with family reunification through sponsorship.

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs):

Canada’s provinces and territories have their own immigration programs, known as Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs). These programs allow provinces to nominate individuals who have the skills and experience required by their local labor markets.

Our Services:

  • Assessment of your eligibility for specific PNP streams.
  • Assistance with the PNP application process.
  • Document collection and submission.
  • Guidance on obtaining a provincial nomination.
  • Support with the transition to permanent residence.

Study Permits

Canada is home to world-class educational institutions. A study permit is required for international students to pursue education in Canada.

Our Services:

  • Consultation to identify suitable study programs and institutions.
  • Guidance on the study permit application process.
  • Document preparation and submission.
  • Assistance with visa applications for accompanying family members.
  • Support with post-graduation work permits and transitioning to permanent residency.

Visitor Visas

Visitor visas, often referred to as tourist visas, allow individuals to visit Canada for tourism, family visits, and other short-term purposes.

Our Services:

  • Assistance with visitor visa applications.
  • Document preparation and submission.
  • Support for visa extension or status change within Canada.
  • Visitor visa applications for family members.
  • Tourist itinerary and travel planning.

Business Migration to Canada

Canada offers tremendous business opportunities and programs designed to attract entrepreneurs and investors. Our expertise extends to helping you explore these programs:

  • Start-Up Visa:

Overview: The Start-Up Visa program welcomes innovative entrepreneurs with the goal of establishing their businesses in Canada.

Our Services:

  • Eligibility assessment for the Start-Up Visa program.
  • Assistance with the development of a business plan.
  • Guidance on securing required investment and support from designated organizations.
  • Visa application preparation and submission.


Canadian citizenship provides various benefits, including the ability to participate in Canadian democracy and apply for a Canadian passport. To become a citizen, you must meet specific requirements and pass a citizenship test.

Our Services:

  • Guidance on eligibility criteria for Canadian citizenship.
  • Assistance with the citizenship application process.
  • Document preparation and submission.
  • Support for citizenship tests and interviews.
  • Information on rights and responsibilities of Canadian citizens.

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